Bohtech mission: Changing the world, one person, one app, one website, at a time…

Tap a button for support or more info.. Some elements are under construction: "I'm going as fast as I can, Captain" . Please note: some apps are in review at Apple. I'll update this site as they are approved.

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TransitDC is a transit app for the Washington DC area. The app is only for the iPhone at present. You can find it here
Daily Dance is a coloring book app for people of all ages. The app is only for the iPhone at present. You can find it here
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Fat Tuna is a guitar tuner app. The app is only for the iPhone at present. You can find it here
Eclectic Planet is a website that tries to show my interests. It needs a lot of work, as my interests change.
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DreamCatching helps you remember your dreams. It's really interesting to go back to re-read them!

Get DreamCatching here for the iPhone and iPad
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Gaah. Will we survive until the next general election. Either way, we can at least have some humor.

LifeCatching is an app to help stimulate your memories.Start to write memories, and more come to mind.

This is about my favorite app.

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LifeCatching for the Mac! Here at last!
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Guess Greek is an app I designed to help me learn the language. It's pretty good. You can hear how you sound compared to Melina the robot. You can listen to her speaking words, and you can test yourself with a quiz and flashcards.


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Faros is a website for people with serious illnesses and for their caregivers. It was established for an island in Greece. The content was written by an RN. It's extremely helpful, and is available for other health centers.

Tap the image to see more.
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CodeCatching - is a pretty basic password and code manager.It's not the smartest out there, but it's 99¢, and it's better than the back of an envelope, or a postIt stuck to my screen.Get it here for iPhone and iPad and here, for Mac

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Beatrice Hamblett is a photographer. She is also my wife. I'm the lucky one.. Have a peek at her web site..

I designed it, and maybe be able to direct you with yours!
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AlphaBeta2 is a simple, but powerful way to learn the Greek Alphabet. Each letter is accompanied by a robust voice, indicating how to sound the letter, and the name of the letter. The letters toggle from uppercase to lowercase automatically.

It's free!