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Hi, I'm David DelMonte. I'm writing this the day after butt surgery, so I may need to rewrite it when the pain killers wear off. Or not. I have a wonderful wife, and two amazing off-spring - they are too old to be called kids — horrible term for children. Anyway, I also have a step-son, and between them, I now have 5 grandchildren. I sometimes wonder. Inside, I'm 18 inside, I must have blinked. Every day feels like forever, and yet, 20 years goes by in a flash. So does 40, but I not choosing to remember that right now.

Anyway, like many people, my life has been a mix of wonderful things and terrible things.

Constants through my life has been caring for my family, making projects, and information technology. I'm especially proud of the graphic below. I live in Washington DC in the winter, and in Skopelos, Greece, in the other seasons. I was born and grew up — some — in London. I got my first job in computing at International Computers Ltd, in 1966. So, last year, I celebrated 50 years in the industry.

I came to Washington from London in 1969, after being introduced to a NASA programmer. He turned out to be one of the senior people at NASA, being responsible for the programming of the launch from the moon, to the rendezvous with the Apollo command module. Harry was a rock star to me. I didn't get a chance with NASA at the time, as the new president cut the moon program funding. So, in 1970, I started 3 decades at the World Bank.

I've restored houses, travelled on business around the world, many times, and I'm now retired, spending 12 hours a day programming apps for myself. My family, including my brother, is spread across the planet, and so I'm still traveling.

My body is aging gracelessly now, and nothing seems to work as well as before (my plumbing has never worked well, hence yesterday's adventure into the dark side). I can't see so well anymore, see AION as to why. My hearing is shot — too many rock concerts. But this is all ok. Everyone looks to me like they're in an impressionist painting, and everyone looks beautiful - truly. It's a pain not to hear so well, but also a blessing in that I don't have to listen to what is being said these days.

I have wonderful friends, and really enjoy my life.

Before my eyes crapped out, I used to love giving science presentations at DC- area schools. I was asked to judge science fairs, and give some career counseling. What an honor for me!

I can still work, and now I can blame my bad typing on my bad vision.

I hope some of my apps can be useful to you, and I can give a little advice and counsel regarding my web site initiatives.

Warm regards

David DelMonte
February, 2017
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