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Fat Tuna is an iPhone app that helps me tune my guitars. I use it and it works :)

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The image on the left is the main screen for Fat Tuna. While holding the guitar flat, I put my iPhone on the surface. Pluck a string, and the note appears in the top green box. Adjust the tuning until the frequency is close to the required frequency that appears below the string name. The "cents" number shows whether you tuning is too high or too low.For myself, if I get the tuning within 10 cents, the note sounds close enough.The string labels (in this case, E A D G B E) indicate the notes that are required for the current tuning (in this case, "standard tuning").And touch any note to hear the sound that should correspond to your guitar string.
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In the screen above, we are set to "Standard Tuning". Tap that button, and you will be offered other tunings. This is probably heresy, but I like to use an open tuning to show newbies how than can make a lovely sound right away.You can see in the image on the left that after you tap the Tuning label, a picker appears to show alternate tunings.These are my favorites. If you want another, let me know through my contact form
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