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DreamCatching is an app to help me remember my dreams. It can help you too

There is a version for the iPhone and iPad, and a version for the Mac desktop.

Dreams are synchronized between your Mac version, the iPhone and iPad

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The image above shows DreamCatching on the Mac. The left side shows the list of dreams, and the right side shows details for the selected dream. The details panel is divided into three sections, "Dream", "Description", and "Associations".

The Dream section shows -- and allows you to change, details of the dream; to categorize it for example.

The Description section is where you enter the narrative of the dream. This can always be edited -- I find that I enter a few key words and phrases while I record the dream, and then complete details later. Sometimes, the dream is compelling, and I write everything at once

The Associations section is where I write about what facets of the dream mean to me. Often, associations can be related to events at present, some are historical in nature. Some relate to people or things we know, like, fear, etc..

When syncing between devices (Macs > iPads > iPhones > Macs), it's important to allow a minute or two for the sync to occur. If you do not see the expected result, simply restart the app.

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The screen on the left shows the main page of the iPhone version. New dreams and or edits to existing dreams are made on all devices. You may have to press the "Refresh" button (bottom left) to be sure. You can delete a dream either by tapping "Edit", or simply swiping. Touching a dream will take you to the dreams details description, and associations.

The screens below show the three sections for the "Spy story" dream.Please note that you must be connected to the network -- and logged into iCloud -- to use the app. If you have specific questions and/or issues, please let me know through my contact form
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