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Daily Dance is an iPad app that easily allows people to draw on a tablet. There are controls for drawing erasing, Undo and Redo, Sharing, and zooming.

The app's strength is that it features the work of DC artist Arlette Jassel. Arlette's drawings are whimsical and can be simple or difficult. You can zoom her drawings to keep to the lines. When you finish, you can share with any of your communications methods (eg email or message), as well as your social networks.

The app is free with two of Arlette's drawings. Other drawings - there are many to choose from - cost $0.99. Enjoy

When you start the app, you'll see a fairly blank page with a "Plus" button. You'll use this to create a new drawing. This will take you to the drawing screen. When you tap the "Home" button, your image will be saved, and you will see a chunky icon in the main page. The icon contains a small version of your drawing.You have the possibility to continue using that drawing, by tapping on its icon. You can create another drawing using the "Plus" button again. And you can also delete drawings by tapping the "Minus" button.
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This is the Home page link. You will see icons for all your drawings here. When you tap this button, the image you are working on will be saved.
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This is the draw tool. You can adjust its size, color and blending, then this tool will draw wherever you want
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This is the eraser tool. Often, we find that we get better results if we make the line/eraser width larger.
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This tool adjusts the line/eraser width.
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This is the Shopping Cart tool. Press this to see the images that Arlette has for sale.
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This is the blending tool. When you press this, the lines that you now draw will blend with each other. When you press the line tool, the lines overwrite each other.
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This is the "Undo" tool. If it can, the app will remove your last line.
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This is the "Redo" tool. If it can, the app will restore your last line.
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This is the color tool. When you tap this tool, you will see a color wheel, a slider, and three tabs.
Move over the color wheel to see colors displayed in the outer ring. When you have selected your color, tap "Use".
The slider adjusts the color brightness. This is how you can get a black color.
After you tap "Use", the color will be added to the "Recents" tab.
At the top left of the color wheel is a favorites button. This will add whatever color you see in the outer ring, to the "Favorites" tab.
To delete either a "Recent" or a "Favorite" color, tap the "edit" button that now shows in the top left corner. You'll see a delete (x). Tap that. When you're done, tap "Done"
To use a color stored in the "Favorites" or "Recent" tab, select it, and tap "Use".
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This is the Image tool. Tap this to use one of Arlette's images. You can turn the images on and off to check your progress, or to draw without using an image.
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This is the Share tool. You can share your drawing through almost all methods you subscribe too, including Mail, Messaging, social media or just save to your Photos Library.
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